IDA Award 2019

IDA Award 2019

Silver in Architecture Categories / Restaurants & Bars | SKY LOUNGE (ON THE 21ST FLOOR OF THE ESPINAS PALACE HOTEL)

Entry Description
The Espinase hotel’s Restaurant has been designed with a direct and indirect pattern of elements of ancient architecture and traditional Iranian art,including elements such as the ceiling arches based on Sasannian era architecture(from the period of the rule of Iran in 224 to 651 AD)The Persian carpet,Mirror Art pointed out that the combination of traditional and modern elements and its updating on wall paper,plastering,modern mirror and furniture colors.The interior view is a rectangle of 50 meters long and 11 meters high,which is designed with the thinking of traditional Iranian architecture.

Project Link: https://www.alirezashafiei.com/project/hotel-spinas-sky-lounge/

Reference Link: https://idesignawards.com/winners/zoom.php?eid=9-22515-19