Arch Design | Avrin Lounge

Arch Design | Avrin Lounge

The basic idea of the restaurant (Avrin) is based on the existential soul of human survival; Man saved from today’s paradoxical world and biological crises.

Avrin means (experience). An experience of human life on Earth

By emphasizing the appearance of the “Pyramid of Maslow”, the designer has built man as the omniscient and at the same time, vulnerable and fragile on the base of this pyramid, so that our symbolic golden statue is among the hard, igneous, and dark stones of the earth and from the lowest, The surface of the Maslow pyramid and the physiological needs of a man emerged and rose from the ashes like a phoenix and chose the path of heaven and self-actualization.

It is clear that human food plays a key and important role in life at the base level of the Maslow pyramid, And Avrin Restaurant is a platform to create the experience of living and surviving.

The emblematic golden statue of Avrin is the symbol of human survival, rising from the ground in the form of a strong and powerful instrument and so close to the moving ceiling of the existing space; It is as if he is thinking beyond the sky.

A little further; A suspended geometry, resulting from art in the image of a beating heart, breathes with an intelligent mechanism, with inhales and exhales similar to human reality. A statue between earth and sky, inspired by the love of life. It is as if every breath is a symbol of hope and every exhalation is a cry of gratitude for salvation.

The orderly harmony of the beating heart and its breath, which is thought to be in constant care, along with the golden statue of the human being, has created a visible and audible image of life. With all its details, Avrin gives a unique experience to its audience, along with hearty and memorable food;
Experiences mixed with hope, suspension, tranquility, survival, and pondering why …

Project Link: https://www.alirezashafiei.com/project/avrin-lounge/

Reference Link: https://www.archdesignaward.com/id/arch-22-1240